Alice Chin is a certified beauty instructor, with almost 30 years of experience. She is also a specialist in providing eyebrow and eyeliner services.

Over the years, she has managed to perfectly combine business with pleasure. Alice has treated many of her customers’ troubled skin and witnessed the transformation of their lives. She finds fulfillment in seeing people happy and confident in their own skin.

Since 1987, she’s been delivering outstanding quality eyebrow services to everyone looking for a complete facial makeover. Her solid reputation in the beauty industry is the touchstone of a lifetime witnessing the ever-changing trends of eyebrow embroidery techniques and a myriad of eyebrow shapes.

Alice has a robust client base and she warmly welcomes new clients to join her ever-growing community of satisfied customers. Besides her professional characteristics, Alice’s set of qualities also includes attention to detail, friendliness and a huge desire to play an essential role in her customers’ journey to happiness.

At TruthSkin, you are going to be pampered to a large extent and treated with friendliness, honesty and respect.