Bride and Groom

There is only so much Photoshop can do for your wedding pictures, every bride (and groom) wants to look absolutely gorgeous and feel good on their big day.

A proper skincare routine is as important as your gym visits, healthy diet and beauty sleep. It is advisable to begin treatment at least 4-6 months before your wedding.

Our pre-wedding beauty program consists of IPL and Aqua-Oxy deep cleanse and hydrate therapy. This extensive treatment will help rejuvenate your skin. There will be noticeable effect of lift and tightening of skin, counter acne problem, remove dark spots, pigmentation and acne scars.

We offer bareback treatment that consist of cleanse, gentle exfoliate and hydrate. You may choose between IPL and Aqua-Oxy Therapy.

With this effective skin regime, you can flaunt your sexy back with confidence.

As every bride is unique, our Bridal beauty program can be customized based on your needs and we will adjust the intensity accordingly to your skin type and the time frame given to your wedding.


The In-laws and Bridesmaids

Not only you need to look good, the people close to you have to look good too!

We provide Semi-permanent makeup and Eyelash extensions.

4 people for the price of 3!