Classic Facial

This treatment incudes cleansing, extractions, soothing and hydration therapy. It is suitable for individuals with normal skin condition and helps cleanse and hydrate your skin on a regular basis.

Deep Cleansing Facial

This treatment is suitable for oily and problematic skin type. Deep pore cleansing helps clear and prevents the growth of congested pores, blackheads and whiteheads. Your skin should feel refresh, smoother and hydrated.

24K Gold Plating Lift and Radiance Treatment

This effective facial with 24K gold plating promotes blood circulation and metabolism of your skin cells. It helps restore skin radiance, elasticity and firmness. This treatment is well loved by many stressful working individuals as it helps relaxes muscles and lifts tired eyes.

IPL Facial Treatment

A. Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment stimulate the production of collagen, improves skin tone and texture. It also improves radiance of the skin.

B. Acne Skin

IPL is able to destroy common bacteria that cause acne, hence reduce and prevent the growth of inflamed breakouts. This treatment is effective in lightening acne scars, reducing discoloration and redness of the troubled skin.

C. Freckles and Brown Spots

IPL destroys the melanin cells that are responsible for the dark spots and eliminates freckles. The treatment stimulates collagen production and brightened the face, giving glow to your skin.

Aqua-Oxy Therapy

When there is lack of oxygen, our cells slow down or stop the process of metabolism. This could lead to many skin problems such as blockage of pores, dull, tired and wrinkled skin. This treatment is a needle-free skin renewal technology that uses oxygen and sodium chloride to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The supply of oxygen to the skin enhances the absorption of nutrients, diminished wrinkles, lighten scars and rejuvenate the skin.

Aqua-Oxy Therapy is suitable for all skin type especially for sensitive skin. It can rehydrate skin after laser treatment, relieves dermatitis and eczema.

Apple Stem Cell Facial Treatment

The natural ingredients used in this treatment are high in anti-oxidant and contains free radical protection. Stem cell therapy helps regenerate healthy skin cell and repair damaged cells. It helps to revive dull skin and reverse aging skin. The epidermal cell renewal reduces wrinkles, fine lines, improves skin elasticity which results in glowing and healthier skin!

This therapy is great for pre-mature aging skin, sagging skin and mature skin.

Bio-Peptide Facial Treatment

Peptides are short chain of amino-acids which penetrate into the skin to prompt the formation of new collagen. Bio-peptide treatment reduces wrinkles, renew cells and diminishes aging appearances on the skin. The antioxidants properties in this treatment helps protect skin from free radicals. Firms up the skin with no downtime, hydrates and also brightened your face! 

This treatment is excellent for dull, saggy and aging skin.

Soluble Microneedle Therapy System (sMTS)

This treatment effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as the soluble microneedles helps stimulate growth of collagen, improves skin absorption and elasticity. There is no downtime, no insertion and painless!

It is a great treatment for dull and aging skin.

Facial Enhancement

Eye Treatment

Shoulder and Neck Massage

Facial Lymphatic Drainage